quick questions

I am currently available for quick questions. 

Quick questions

Do you have a quick well-defined question you’d like answered? Give it a try to …

  • Find out what it’s like to work with me.
  • Get past a place you’re stuck and just need a little help with.
  • Figure out if a specific source is available.

This service has an introductory rate of $10, for which you get 10-15 minutes of my time and research skills.

How this works

This service works best for well-defined questions that can be answered with 3-5 links or resources at most. If it’s more detailed than that, you want my personal librarian services.

  • You ask me a question using the form at the end of this page (a sentence or two: see samples below)
  • I read your question and make sure it’s something that fits this service.
  • I send you an invoice (for $10 US). You pay it.
  • I research your question and send you an email with a brief answer.

Because this is meant to be a quick and easy process, my usual policies apply, but we do not go through the process of a formal agreement. Your payment of the invoice confirms your agreement with my policies and the limits of this specific service. (There will be a link when we get to that point, so you can review them easily.)

What you get

You can expect about 100-250 words of response. I will focus on the most accessible information that answers your question or helps you get closer to an answer.

My answers to these questions are less detailed than my answers to the longer personal librarian questions. (Makes sense! There’s only so much I can write in a few minutes.) They may include suggestions for further research you can do or other possible resources I didn’t get to.

What is this most like? It’s similar to the consultation and help you might get at your local library without making arrangements for longer research appointments. If it helps, you can also think of this like a one card reading with Tarot or an oracle deck – a good snapshot of the moment, but not a lot of in-depth content.

When you get it

Please note that this service is not suitable for immediately urgent questions (i.e. something you need answered right this minute.)

I normally provide answers within 1-2 calendar days of payment.

I will let you know before I send the invoice if I anticipate it being longer for any reason.

Sample questions

Questions that work well for this service have some clearly defined answers. Here are some examples.

  • What are the editions of Starhawk’s Spiral Dance and briefly what are the differences?
  • I liked this particular website (address provided) and it no longer exists. Is this particular content available anywhere else?
  • Can you find 2-3 sources that have good safety information about herbalism and using common herbs?
  • I don’t quite remember the book someone recommended, but I know it was something about this topic, and the author’s name sounded like this. (you’d fill in the details you did remember)
  • I can’t find much about the background of this author. Can you find a brief bio or other information about them?

Other questions you might have

If you ask a question that doesn’t fit into this service, I’ll let you know, and either suggest an alternate question that does, or talk about what a longer answer might look like and some options for that.

If I can’t find an answer to your question within 10 minutes, I will let you know, and suggest possible next steps. I’ll also let you know what I tried and what I found (if anything.)

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Last updated March 31, 2018

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