statement of ethics

Bearing in mind that this is a private service, not a library setting, I value and keep to the American Library Association Code of Ethics whenever possible.

As these are broad statements, not intended to cover either specific situations or private consulting, here are guidelines adapted for my services through Seek Knowledge, Find Wisdom.

Respect and discretion:

I strive to treat all clients (and others I interact with) with respect, fairness, and good faith regardless of ethnic background or identity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, place of origin, relationship orientation, age, amount of education, or any other factor not mentioned here.

I am particularly interested in providing services to people who have been marginalised by society for their background, level of education, or identity. I’m also kink-, poly-, and queer/LGBTA-friendly. Sincere questions are very unlikely to faze me.

Existing connections:

In cases where I have an existing relationship or prior personal interaction with an individual, group, or resource, I will clearly identify it. Whenever possible, I will include multiple alternate resources in these cases.

If I direct you to groups or individuals, in most cases, I do not know these people (or only know their general public reputation.) If I have a closer connection with someone I mention, I will let you know. You are responsible for evaluating the individuals or groups yourself. Relevant reports will provide some resources to help you do this.

Use of materials:

At times, I may include references to materials I have created (or other people I have a close connection to.) If this is the case, I will include at least two other independent sources or explain why they are not available.

I may reuse research on a particular topic to answer future questions. If this is the case, I adjust the time estimate for the new work accordingly and confirm that all links and resources shared are still working as intended.


I strive to be courteous and respectful in all communications. I reserve the right to withdraw from interaction if it has become clear it is not productive, after provided agreed on materials.


I communicate the fees for specific services clearly in advance, including providing a written agreement before accepting any payment. Any further time agreed upon will follow the same process. General information about my rates can be found on my website.

At my discretion, I may offer discounted rates or donate my services to organisations I support.

Intellectual property:

I respect intellectual property rights of creators. I will not provide or use materials that are in clear violation of copyright but will explain options available under fair use when relevant.

Last updated July 14, 2017

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