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Authors have a lot of research needs! Besides the personal librarian and consulting services described elsewhere on the site, I’m open to working with authors who want some other specific help.

Writing about magic, ritual, or the combination?

 I have experience in multiple ritual settings, and would be glad to read a portion of your work to evaluate if the ritual makes sense on the page, or if there are any glaring issues in the construction or world-building (based on material you provide and comments about your goals).

Review of material :

I’m not Every Pagan, but I’ve been around for a good while, and know a lot of people (and I keep tabs on a lot of current threads of conversation in the larger communities). Sensitivity reading allows you to get a sense of what material might poorly represent a community, be insulting, or otherwise cause problems you don’t want. I’m open to doing that for modern Paganism, and specifically religious witchcraft, as well as more fictionalised settings. If I think I’m not the right person for your work, I can potentially help you find someone who is.

Both of these options are heavily dependent on the amount of material you’d like me to review, your timeframe, and my current commitments, so please contact me as early as possible if you’re interested in either service.

I read quickly, but the amount of time available for this kind of reading is limited (and of course, providing commentary takes time too!)


  • Please read through the rest of this page so you understand the practical details and what you’re getting.
  • When you’re ready to ask a question, fill out the request form and tell me about your project.
  • I expect it will take some back and forth, clarifying questions, and other details. These projects are more individual, so I want to figure out what works for you (and for me).
  • Once we agree on a project, I send you an agreement for the work. It includes what you can expect as a report, my anticipated timeline, and the charges for the initial work. (A sample agreement can be accessed from the policies page if you want to see how things work.)
  • If the agreement works for you, you sign it, return it, and pay me for the initial work we agree on. This is where the timer starts.
  • I do the work, and share it with you.
  • I deliver any reports, resource materials, or other documents, and (if relevant) we find a time for any synchronous conversations.


My base fee is $50 (US) per hour, but I would expect to price your project based on the amount of material to be read, the deadline you have in mind, and other related factors.

Additional information about my rates and payment is available, including some additional options if your finances are limited.

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